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Localized SEO services for Las Vegas businesses to gain higher rankings on Google.

Our Local SEO Process

We improve website code to be more Google friendly. We develop local business listings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. We develop unique content to help you outrank your Las Vegas competitors.

The SEO services we provide are simple.  First and most importantly, we only work with businesses located in the Las Vegas metro area.  The reason we only work with local businesses is because we want to be able to meet with you in-person, and learn about your business.  We feel this will help in our SEO efforts for you.  We also realize that most companies feel more comfortable working with someone local, instead of a voice on the end of a telephone.  We live in Las Vegas, and are familiar with what makes Las Vegas business unique.

Our programs are designed to be simple for business owners and managers to understand.  Search engine optimization is a complicated process that most people have a general idea of, but few people actually understand.  The concept is to manipulate things on a website or on other websites linking to your website in order to push your rankings on search engines higher.  These rankings are tracked as improving or not-improving by watching specific “target terms” that are your products, services or other things you sell.  We attempt to improve the amounts of traffic going to your website by gaining higher rankings for these terms, as well as terms that are associated to them.  We do not track the improvements of “long-tail keywords” as they are the associated phrases that Google understands mean roughly the same thing as your “target terms.” We look for improvements to these “long tail keywords” to create more traffic to the website through search engines, but not necessarily coming directly from the target terms.  The way that rankings are improved is by creating content on your website regularly that is on the target subject, then distributing that content through links on social bookmarking platforms.  In addition, we create links back to your site by creating content on other websites, then distribute those links the same way.  This process makes search engines understand the content on your site, and as a result they understand what you do and sell.

How much SEO is necessary for me to get good rankings? This question is not able to be easily answered.  SEO is a competition, and rankings are the results of that competition.  Basically, we need to do more (and better) work than your competition for the same terms in Las Vegas.  If someone does and sells the same things as you, we need to have more content on your subjects than they have, more inbound links and more citations.  It is not as simple as volume, search engines also understand quality so we need “better” information than your competition has.

How long will it take? Once again, this question is nearly impossible to answer because it depends on you as well as your competition.  If they are also doing ongoing SEO on their sites, we must do more than them in order to overtake them in the rankings.  If you are a brand new site, it will take longer than if you are established.  The length of time we can expect has to do with how much work the competitors are doing, and how much we are doing every month.

How much does this cost? We try to make our programs easy for people to understand, so we offer two different programs that are for “low competition” and “high competition” businesses.  A low competition business will not need as much ongoing work every month to get into a good ranked position, so we offer 5 hours of dedicated service for $500 to these businesses.  For this price, you get 5 onsite articles and 5 offsite articles written (both at least 500 words, and on the subject.) All of these articles will be socially bookmarked and shared on at least 10 websites each.  For more competitive businesses, we offer a program of 10 monthly hours, generating 10 onsite and 10 offsite articles.  All of these will be socially bookmarked on at least 10 websites each as well.

Each month, you are provided with a report that details all of the work we have done for the month, and provides all of the links to that work.  The report will also detail your previous rankings for targeted terms, and if those terms improved or not.  We also track traffic to the website.

Your account will be provided with an analysis of your existing website in the first month, and any changes that need to be made in order to make it friendly for search engines.  These corrections will be made, and from that point on the work will be provided as detailed above, depending on the program.

YOu can expect your SEO program to go on for a while.  SEO takes a long time to grow and develop, and once you have made it to the top positions you still cannot completely stop or the competition will overtake you in no time.  We analyze areas we can expand to once we have achieved those positions, and also work out a maintenance program to keep you there while gaining different ones.

There is nothing more to it than that.  We do not use black hat techniques.  We do everything the hard way, because it is the right way.  Our goal is long-term rankings for your business and gaining more customers through increasing traffic to your site.  Traffic equals sales.

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