If you are a seasonal Las Vegas business and need rankings right away in order to make money during your busy season, we would suggest running a pay per click campaign while starting your SEO program.  SEO takes a minimum of three months to develop in most cases, and in some cases it takes upwards of a year.  SEO is an investment in positions on search engines long term.  If you need to get to the front page of Google right away, you can be there immediately with pay per click, however this will probably cost more than you expect.  Basically, all businesses who need to be on search engines but who do not rank organically advertise through pay per click.  The system is an auction, meaning that whoever pays the most gets the best positions.  If you are outbid by two other businesses, you probably won’t show up at all.  This will get you business immediately, but it will cost a lot and it will not give you anything long term.  The second you stop paying for positions your website disappears.

We use a combined strategy of SEO and PPC for businesses that need rankings right now, but also want rankings long term.  Because SEO takes a while, we pay for positions until we gain them organically.  Once we are in good positions organically, we stop PPC.