You have probably noticed right away that we do not have any pretty pictures of Las Vegas on our site, or any cute graphics that show how SEO improves sales.  This is not an accident.  We realize that ranking on search engines for the phrase “Las Vegas SEO” is how we get people to notice us.  More importantly, ranking for those types of terms gets “potential customers” to notice us.  We do not take a shotgun approach to our marketing.  We are not interested in being in front of everyone, and hoping that we we get some customers from that huge group.  Instead, we are only looking to be presented to a small group of people, that group being businesses in Las Vegas who are interested in SEO services for their websites.  There is only a few ways to reach that group, one is to cold call businesses and ask if they are interested and the other is using exactly the techniques that they are interested in.  We choose the latter.

We created this website to be as streamlined as possible, in order to present the best situation for ranking.  Pictures may sell other kinds of services, but ours get sold by proving that we know what we are doing.  We are interested in showing up on page one of Google for “Las Vegas SEO” searches, getting those people to click through to our website, and then getting them to call us or email us.  We will explain the process in person from there, and show you examples of how our programs work.  Everything that does not achieve this goal has been removed from this website.